Our 2023-2024 Trend Book highlights how environmentalism and sustainability continue to gain importance in the eyes of an increasingly large segment of consumers. Over the coming years, they will take on increasing priority in  our purchasing decisions and the way we choose to live. Think, for example, of the growing success of services created to facilitate the sale or exchange of pre-owned clothes and other items; from this approach to issues such as recycling and reuse of goods and resources, we have clearly moved into a new, less individualistic realm.

At home our habits have changed too, reflecting a new sensitivity and an increasingly green-oriented, eco-friendly way of being. When choosing household electrical appliances, energy consumption and the use of water (now such a precious resource) are taking on greater weight in our decisions. More and more often we opt for fabrics, furnishings, and accessories made with recycled materials. A variety of options is also available in architecture today, where  materials with various levels of  environmental sustainability are multiplying.

The era of sustainable design

These issues are very important to us, as linked to values that guide our way of doing business. In this era of sustainable design, achieving a higher level of interconnection of the economic, social, and environmental dimensions is the only way to create processes and products that are truly sustainable.

The G3NIUS line offers those who want environmentally conscious flooring and wall tile collections that combine design with an awareness of the environmental and social costs that every industrial product inevitably carries. With G3NIUS, curbing the impacts of the industrial process means taking into account the product’s entire life cycle, following a life cycle philosophy based on low-impact materials and processes, the energy used and the energy which is incorporated into the product, as well as  the recyclability and renewability of the resources used.

At this year’s Cersaie show, the G3NIUS line was enhanced by a new entry, in the form of the Olivo collection. A concrete-effect porcelain stoneware collection with authentic, no-fuss textures and patterns, its three colours (ash grey, dark grey, and sand) fit harmoniously into any contemporary home design. The Foliage decoration offers walls stylish patterns and on-trend colours. On floors, the Bois decoration pairs concrete-effect stoneware and wood-effect stoneware in a geometric inlay destined to set the style  wherever it is laid, whether used in a rug-effect  pattern or throughout the room.

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