Today, the FRASSINORO team met to share their lunch break cheerfully and safely.

In our spare time we use the (RI)GENERIAMO protective face masks (in Italian literally meaning “WE REGENERATE”) because we believe in the importance of supporting new economies to regenerate people and products that are otherwise excluded, recognising their value and generating new perimeters. What’s more, we believe in the importance of adopting a responsible behaviour like wearing these pretty and comfortable face masks, in order to protect our health, as well as that of those we love. We invite everyone – and above all young people – to follow our lead!

(RI)GENERIAMO protective masks are the result of an ethical project with a transparent supply chain “from A to Z”. The fabric is the result of research that combines the ethical characteristics of the manufacturer, with the relative non-toxicity certificates. The packaging is made in recycled paper by the Il Margine Social Cooperative printing press, which integrates individuals with disabilities into its operations. The manufacturing production is the result of the collaboration between the FM industrial laboratory and the young women who collaborate on the Nidò project. Nidò is a social tailoring project created by artist Francesco Liberti, together with a number of social workers from the Liberitutti Cooperative focused on hospitality projects for female asylum seekers and refugees. As the creators of the project explain: “the name “Nidò” is inspired by the English word “Needle”, which when pronounced in pidgin English sounds like nidò [this, in turn, is a play on words on the Italian word “nido” meaning nest]. The nest is a loving, safe and secure place.”

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