G3NIUS is the environmentally sustainable sales line marketed under Gresmalt Group’s Frassinoro brand, which was conceived and designed according to an innovative method known as eco-design. This method analyses all the stages of a product’s life cycle with particular focus on consumers and their  needs. The aim of the method is to guarantee stunning looks and outstanding technical performance while keeping the environmental, social, and financial impact down to a minimum, making products which are sustainable and accessible.

The G3NIUS line is the perfect embodiment of the pathway to sustainable development undertaken by Gresmalt Group’s Frassinoro brand and offers products which are at once SMARTER (100% made in Italy design), GREENER (low environmental impact) and BETTER (high quality standards).


Stylish, on-trend design, in an ethical product made in Italy.

Flora carries sustainability in its DNA and is the first collection launched under the G3NIUS brand.

Our love of nature forms a special source of inspiration that has helped us to develop a unique product, which is versatile, stylish, and has a low environmental impact.

Flora is available in  three sizes: 20×20, 30×60, and 60×60. A complete range featuring elegant warm and cold shades found in nature. The line is completed by a series of accents, featuring subtle plant-inspired motifs and inlays.

The vast assortment of sizes, colours, and finishes means maximum laying versatility in any area of a home, both indoors and out.

Find out all the details in the new website dedicated to the G3NIUS collection