Italy’s ceramic industries resumed production at the beginning of May, an important step that has affected the entire Gruppo Ceramiche Gresmalt, which has been focusing on the health and safety of its employees, their families and the community as a whole in recent months.

The past few months have been difficult, but we are now back in full-swing operation in compliance with all the regulations. We have implemented all the measures required to protect employees’ health and safety under the protocols issued by the Italian government. These measures require widespread distribution of the information required by law; distribution of protective equipment; more frequent sanitisation of spaces; organisation of workstations compliant with safe distancing; and encouragement of working from home for office staff.

We are working hard every day to reinterpret all our company’s internal procedures with a view to protecting employees’ safety, in order to resume offering the products and services which have made Italy’s ceramic industry famous the world over for its innovation, technology, design and sustainability.

The commitment of the Italian ceramic industry is not limited to the final product, which allows us to live in a healthy, comfortable environment, but begins with companies’ sustainability policies, which determine their choice of plants, raw materials and partners.