Over the past year we have taken good care of our spaces and begun to think of them in new ways, optimising our use of space in response to today’s changing needs and learning to truly appreciate outdoor spaces.

More and more people want what designers call an “Outdoor Home“, using coordinated surfaces to create a true outdoor extension of the house and making optimal use of balconies, terraces and gardens to create intimate, cosy spaces.

To ensure continuity of style as well as space, the Frassinoro collections offer a choice of attractive surfaces appropriate for all kinds of requirements, in a vast choice of finishes and sizes.

The aesthetic value of surfaces is accompanied by important qualitative features permitting resistance to weather and wear to create perfectly safe outdoor areas, offering coordinated solutions that preserve all their beauty over the years.

Frassinoro’s collections embrace the latest trends on the market, accompanying the evolution of tastes and styles. A multitude of sizes and graphics makes them perfect for every setting, from the smallest balcony to the biggest garden.

Many of the recent collections include mix and match solutions guaranteeing visual continuity between indoor and outdoor flooring, offering specific surface finishes for the two different settings.
Wood, stone, cement and little cementine-effect tiles are the inspiring materials that interpret and underline all the variations in taste and style.

Porcelain for outdoor solutions now comes in a thickness of 2 cm: a highly versatile product offering outstanding technical performance permitting a great variety of laying solutions and applications. The 2 cm thick series may be applied over all kinds of substrates: from lawns to gravel and sand, laid dry, over a cement screed or on a raised floor.

Our inspiration

Loop Legno

Loop is a splendid world in cheerful, unexpected vintage taste, featuring delicate hues creating whirlwinds of imagination.


Elegance and sobriety are the keywords best describing this collection. Sven is the perfect choice for an innovative and versatile style.

Neo Gatsby

Refined geometries alternating black and white permeate spaces with timeless elegance.

Gemme H2O

With all the expressive power of cement, Gemme is the perfect choice for refined exteriors with an exquisitely contemporary charm.