A textured take on natural stone, Sight is the perfect synthesis of technological research and aesthetics. The result is soft surfaces in cosy hues of grey featuring refined geometric patterns.

The collection draws its inspiration from travertine to create a “stone but not stone” effect in which the surface is cleared of natural veining to create a light, refined final look.

Its technical and aesthetic features suit it for both residential projects and low-traffic retail applications.

Gris moyen bathroom. Sight Line Frassinoro Ceramiche

Sight is inspired by natural stone, in modern colours: an easy, flexible solution with neutral hues and decorative designs appropriate for covering all kinds of surfaces and structures in the home.

The series is made of unrectified enamelled porcelain, 8.2 mm thick.

The collection includes a blend of 28 decorative tiles in the 20×20 cm size, already mixed in the box, and two larger sizes, 30×60.4 cm and 60.4×60.4 cm, available in the colours Gris Clair and Gris Moyen.