Frassinoro has always focused considerable attention on the world of architecture and interior design, which plays a crucial role in the development of the flooring and wall tiling  market. As a brand, we are guided by a combination of consumers’ needs and market trends when we conceive and develop new collections to enhance our existing catalogue by introducing new series.

Every year, we develop a Trend Book  that examines and anticipates trends for the coming years.

Being tuned into the market all the time is possible if you are fully aware of the dynamics involved and, most of all, the main style trends. It is extremely hard to pinpoint exactly when a trend starts: because a single trend is a confluence of multiple elements originating from the most disparate fields, such as fashion, design, graphics and visual arts, cinema, and the world of influencers. Capturing emerging trends is, however, crucial for the success of a porcelain stoneware wall and floor tile collection. That’s why Frassinoro has set up a research department which, year after year, keeps its finger on the pulse of the situation, translating all its findings into our Trend Book.

For Cersaie 2022, we developed the Trend Book for the  2023/24 period, which flagged up six social trends that will be influencing the interior design market.

These trends were then explored  in relation to four of the interior design styles that are set to be  successful in the coming years, to understand exactly how these are likely to be affected.

Here are the key trends and styles for 2023/24



●      Digitalisation

●      Environmental sustainability

●      Naturalness

●      Optimism

●      Elegance

●      Timeless items

●      Classic

●      Urban

●      Authentic

●      Bucolic

On-trend colours for 2023

Brave Brown  is set to dominate colour palettes over the next two years: a neutral, warm, natural shade that exudes calmness, balance, and confidence, feelings that are all greatly needed after more than two and a half years of the pandemic. We will also be seeing tones like beige, ochre, and green, which express the need for energy, nature, and sustainability; plus, we’ll be drawing on the endless palette of blues, from the darker blues to the dusty and muted tones.

Interiors will be featuring quality items that convey feelings of wellbeing and comfort, accented with metal details and sumptuous, eye-catching  fabrics. Furnishings will be marked by a mixture of influences while the plants will play an increasing role, based on the significant contribution they offer to our psychological and physical wellbeing.

In the next post, we’ll be giving you a quick rundown of the four hottest styles, along with the collections that can be used to recreate them.