After our previous post, in which we talked about why and how our Trend Book was born, let’s turn our attention to today’s four most popular interior design styles. In this post, we’ll be looking at which collections offer the most consistent and most interesting design elements for each décor style.

The classic style

The classic style combines pale pink, sage green, dark blue, and the most sophisticated shades of red, all within in a single colour palette. The look for furniture is antique while the accessories, frames, and architectural finishes are in tune with this look but always polished, featuring gilding and sumptuous details. Marble-effect porcelain stoneware is outstanding as flooring, but a classic style also embraces the stone look and the wood-effect options, as long as they are elegant and rich in detail; for wall tiling, the focus has to be on classic ostentatious accents. Our collections include various combinations of porcelain stoneware floor and wall tiles that are ideal to create a classic style. Just look, for example, at Remix Marble, and Travertine.

The urban style

The urban style is still based on a crossover of often contrasting influences, in terms of both materials and colours, with warm and natural shades often paired with vibrant, energetic tones. While the essential industrial soul of this style will be taking on a more comfortable,  welcoming vibe, stone-effect porcelain stoneware will be paired with its wood-effect or concrete-look versions, as well as with nature-themed patterns and smaller sized tiles (even mosaics). Offering just the right colour palette, size, and sophisticated relief effects in some of its textures, the Palette wall tile series is closely aligned with this style. Among the novelties showcased at Cersaie 2022, Art Color and Greenwood (wood-effect stoneware with an authentic rustic mood)  offer exciting possibilities to express this style.

Bucolic style

Inspired by the atmosphere of English cottages, the bucolic style favours earthy colours and focuses on a simplicity and comfort in harmony with nature. Lovers of this style will be choosing ceramic looks such as wood-effect porcelain stoneware (as long as it is elegant), terracotta (such as the Borgo collection), concrete-effect stoneware (Olivo, a new entry, introduced at Cersaie this year) and stone-effect options. Wall tiles will be featuring textures inspired by nature in Country Charm cement tiles and relief motifs, which is the main theme of the Victoria series.

Home décor styles and ceramic looks

Our 2023/24 Trend Book uses the adjective “authentic” to describe a style that blends two interior design philosophies, Scandinavian and Japanese, to create a functional, no-frills minimalism  that is also warm and reassuring. Pale, dusty shades  are predominant, and the watchwords are simplicity (for furnishing) and environmental sustainability (for  materials). It is a style that champions  craftsmanship and disdains industrial perfection. The colours in the Art Color series (a concrete-effect porcelain stoneware launched at Cersaie 2022) are perfectly aligned with this style, as is its balanced texture. Among the wall tile options, the delicate stone-effect patterns of Linear lend surfaces a disarming simplicity, clean, rational lines,  and a rich textural appeal.