Ceramiche di Frassinoro is a thriving company in the Gresmalt Group oriented toward the B2B market.
Ongoing technological research and a focus on architecture and interior design trends allow us to offer quality products at competitive prices.
Development of Frassinoro’s new collections every year begins with analysis of the trends, an activity which has turned out to be the key to success in relations with our customers.

Research into trends fits perfectly with the three pillars of the Frassinoro brand:

  1. Customer service
  2. Focus on the market
  3. Painstaking design

All development and creativity begin with preparation of a TREND BOOK: a sort of general guidebook explaining the evolution of the next year’s trends. We attempt to analyse how homes will evolve in the near future in terms of design and the demands of the people who live in them.

This analysis allows us to offer our customers new collections custom-designed for them in response to the demands of the market.

This is our starting point for developing and guiding creativity in coming up with our new collections, identifying trends in four kinds of home:


This tool provides the foundations for subsequent wider-ranging research work which we proudly share with all our customers in various ways (trend videos, presentations, trade fair installations).

Trend analysis is an additional service we offer our customers.

Over the years, it has turned out to make a useful, concrete contribution to development of custom collections for our partners that respond to the demands of the market.