The keys to Gresmalt’s work are the quality of its products and the integrity of its relationships with employees, suppliers, customers and partners, in a context of fair competition and compliance with laws and regulations.
The Gresmalt Code of Ethics is the tool relating ethical behaviour to the work environment, company practice and relations with external stakeholders.

“Gruppo Ceramiche Gresmalt’s management has a concept of business based on sharing important ethical values essential for working with a long-term perspective,” emphasises Alessandra Salvarani, vice president of Gruppo Ceramiche Gresmalt. “We have the great satisfaction of being a group that has grown steadily in recent years thanks to the work of a true team made up of the company’s managers, executives and all of its valuable employees. In short, a big family that works with responsibility every day, adopting correct behaviour in a context of fair competition and compliance with laws and regulations”.


The guidelines underlying the company’s everyday operations are dedication, honesty, efficiency, ongoing improvement, customer orientation, and respect for people.
In compliance with these values, Gresmalt is committed to contributing to economic growth and sustainable development, integrating economic, environmental and social needs into its decision-making processes to ensure significant growth for its business and top-level customer service.


“At the beginning of 2018 we published the first version of our CODE OF ETHICS, the tool that ensures the relationship between ethical conduct and the working environment, company practice and relations with external stakeholders, considering the environment to be one of our main stakeholders,” emphasises Alessandra Salvarani. “The company is committed to ongoing research into ways of reducing the impact of industrial activity on the environment and on society. We have adopted the ‘life cycle’ approach to assessing the environmental, social and economic impact of our products and ensuring ecologically compatible product design”.

The Group’s code of ethics applies to everyone who does business with the Group, and so the most recent edition has been made available on our web site.

Code of Ethics