Development of all Frassinoro’s new collections begins with analysis of a TREND BOOK, a sort of general guidebook explaining the evolution of the next year’s trends.

Information on trends and design is part of a complex product research and development process which begins with analysis of the markets, of the evolution of colours and the choice of decorations and materials.

This information is mediated and combined with the possibilities offered by materials, new technologies, and the company’s range.

Our graphics department and our research and development department start out with interpretation of an idea, an abstract concept, and make it into a concrete graphic proposal that will then evolve into an entire new collection to offer our customers.

Inspiration is combined with the features required of the collection, the sizes, colours and technical specifications that will define the spaces and surfaces where it is installed.

All this goes through a prototyping phase prior to final production.

Only after this painstaking process do final development of design and production begin.04