Beauty, functionality, and practicality are the keys to making our homes perfect for everyday living.

In recent years we have seen a growing trend toward use of decorative pieces in small sizes to enrich surface design and add personality. Finding the right balance between harmony and contrast in materials is the key to creating your own personal style.

The small size of cementine-effect tiles and geometric decorations with a vintage flavour is becoming increasingly popular these days.

The design of these collections is enriched with all the qualities of porcelain to create series which are not only unique but practical and long-lasting.

The timeless classicism of cementine tiles

Earthy hues, blue and grey underline the geometry of surfaces in Classical style. The Neo Villa collection offers the illusion of beautiful vintage cementine tiles from an early twentieth-century villa.

Their refined look makes them perfect for the most elegant atmospheres in this trendy style.

Pop art graphics in natural colours

Urban style picks up on graphics inspired by nature or stylised geometric designs, with overlapping colours and shapes.

In the Popline collection, the shapes of ’70s Pop Art appear in twenty different graphic designs featuring today’s contemporary colours balanced with a smooth, polished surface.

Design and refined form characterise this typically Italian product in an urban style which draws inspiration from the past to create ever-new patterns.

Gris Clair Living Popline Ceramiche Frassinoro

Simple lines and neutral hues underlined with surfaces in relief

The Authentic style revolves around simple lines and neutral colours. Material collections are combined with 3D decorations and brick or mosaic tiles in the same colour as the floors.

The 3D structure of the Victoria collection enhances graphic motifs to add new life to spaces. Beauty you can touch with your own hand!

The Authentic style combines the materials inspiring it with decorative motifs, overlapping layers of brushstrokes and semi-transparent colours. In these collections, monotone surfaces are enriched with fluid, three-dimensional geometries.

Harmony and contrast to make the most of spaces

The natural materials of the Bucolic style are enriched with a bold decorative matrix combining various sources of inspiration and styles.

Achieving the ideal balance between harmony and contrast, the Dynamic collection enriches the expressive power of cement with geometric graphics bringing new life to decorative surfaces.