We refer to Eco-Design as a new way of designing, producing and communicating ceramics

The ultimate in the sustainable development path undertaken by Frassinoro is represented by G3NIUS, a brand that puts into practice Gresmalt Group’s commitment to sustainability; a commitment based on research, development and innovation, which has led and will lead to the creation of new concept ceramic collections. During industrialisation of the product, we performed evaluations and made choices that would significantly impact on the degree of sustainability.

G3NIUS is therefore the result of an actual design method that we have called Eco-Design. Following this method, the ceramic product was re-engineered to take into greater account its entire life cycle, which spans from the extraction of raw materials to the disposal of the ceramic at the end of its long period of use.

As part of the Eco-Design, the life cycle perspective is accompanied by the modern technologies of Industry 4.0 that our production plants are equipped with. Thanks to the parameters they offer us in real time, we are immediately able to understand if we are producing in a way that is sustainable for the environment and accessible to our consumers or if we can go one step further. 

Integrating the life cycle with technological innovation has led to the development of ceramic products which today, among the industrial variables to be considered, also include sustainability. Eco-design ensures evaluation of the resources used to make the production process sustainable. Our sustainable development model aims to balance the need for and the availability of environmental, economic and social resources without harming the future of subsequent generations.