There is one particular category of ceramic wall tiles which is growing in appreciation  and that’s tiles featuring 3D decoration, i.e. tiles whose surfaces offer not only visual impact but also tactile impact, originating from their texture. The texture of these materials also goes on to create  heightened visual effects through varying degrees of chiaroscuro, in other words the contrasts created by light and shading, solid materials and empty spaces.

Ever-changing surfaces

This type of tiling is hardly ever used to cover entire walls; it is more likely to be used as an accent, in circumscribed areas to highlight other features in the room (around a wash basin, as a backsplash in the kitchen, as a fireplace surround …), often becoming a striking feature in its own right. This is because of the relationship that establishes between a textured tile and the light in the room, with the tiles’ appearance changes depending on the time of day and the viewpoint, giving them vibrancy.

Palette: bright colours, sophisticated textures

The Palette collection offers seven sophisticated 20×20 solid colour options available in two semi-glossy variants, one smooth and one featuring textures with varying degree of intensity. Three of the seven colours feature a pattern of small embossed diamonds, creating an almost snakeskin effect, while the other four have tiny triangles engraved  into the ceramic, dotted over the surface in a dense but uneven arrangement. The vitality of this collection lies in its colours and its fresh, stylish aesthetic, which has even higher impact in the 3D versions.

Victoria: visuals without graphics

One of our most significant collections, from this point of view, is Victoria. Built on the concept of use of texture, this series offers 20×20 monochrome cement tiles, in which the visual effects are attributable entirely to the light and shading generated by the texture. The patterns are conventional, it is the structure of the material that makes these tiles so intriguing and imaginative. The overall effect is also heightened by the myriad of shades used in the two colours in the range (white and grey), combined with a few carefully worn details. The collection is completed by a mix which draws from both shades and enriches them with intermediate tones, broadening the colour palette and generating a sort of maxi mosaic, vibrant and sophisticated.

3D Urban Concept accent: a blend of concrete and stone

Changing look completely, we come to Urban Concept, a concrete-effect collection with a raw finish and loads of realistic details and to the 30×60 3D accent included in the range. In this case, the concrete effect recreates the processing typical of stone materials, including the scoring usually added to increase grip. Here, on the other hand, the subtle light and shading effects generated, through the structure of the surface, enhances the qualities of the concrete and makes the texture of the ceramic more intriguing.