Our  Trend Book is a general guide to style trends that we have created to help us conceive and develop the collections we aim to offer the market over the following years.

Spotting and interpreting emerging style trends always takes teamwork. The sales force’s contribution is extremely significant, as these staff work closely with customers in the various markets every day, sometimes overlapping into allied sectors, such as bathroom furnishings or lighting.

The guiding criterion for the expansion of our catalogue is the compatibility between the development of a new product with the market’s demands; put plainly, this means translating the – often highly specific  – needs of the market into the offerings that our customers contact the sales department for. Listening to feedback and correctly interpreting these needs is part of the sales force’s role and it is through this ongoing conversation with customers  that we are able to acquire vital information that allows a clearer view of the  demand and align our products accordingly.

Customer requests therefore play a crucial role in the choice of collections to be launched and the make-up of the ranges we will be offering in the future. Each year,  the various products that are  added to the catalogue originate from the ideas developed internally based on preferences expressed by our customers. The same customers also guide us through our choices concerning  the product launch calendar: indeed, the scheduling of the introduction of new collections always takes into account information obtained from customers.