Frassinoro is one of the brands of the Ceramiche Gresmalt Group with a strong vocation for the B2B sector and has always been dedicated to its distributor clients.

Constant technological research and a keen eye for trends in the fields of architecture and interior design combine to produce high-quality products, without ever having to compromise on competitiveness.

“Our distributor clients are at the heart of our mission, and we are constantly listening to them to gain a better understanding of their needs in order to offer the most appropriate solutions to support them in their distribution business,” explains Alessandra Salvarani, Vice President of Ceramiche Gresmalt Group and General Sales Manager for Frassinoro. “We always act as a fully-fledged partner to ensure a highly effective collaboration and continuous improvement”.


Over time, the Frassinoro brand has constantly developed its skills thanks to the creation of numerous tailored services, ranging from product research and development, including for private-label products

Frassinoro is with its clients every step of the way, offering solutions for every occasion that are in line with their needs and providing a polished all-round service: starting from the various logistical stages, in particular production planning and stock management, to marketing, merchandising, quality assurance and, more recently, an increased focus on sustainable development, a concept which places the company at the cutting edge of the ceramics sector.


The beating heart of the business is undoubtedly the work it pours into product research and development, not just for the Frassinoro brand, but also – to a great extent – for private labels.
A workshop dedicated to the Frassinoro brand has been created, equipped with the finest technologies available and a highly-qualified staff comprising technicians and graphic designers, all capable of expertly handling every step of the design process, up to the creation of the prototypes required for production.


The source of inspiration for all the company’s projects stems not just from clients’ requests, but also from constantly monitoring the evolution of interior design trends: a strategy used to understand how homes will evolve stylistically in the immediate future, in order to develop ceramic products with aesthetic characteristics suitable for covering the various surfaces of the home, all whilst keeping a sense of harmony with the overall setting.


“The company’s entire journey, alongside the client,” continues Alessandra Salvarani, “allows us to develop collections that have excellent aesthetic content as well as – of course – high-quality technical content, as quality has always been a priority for our group. But we have never lost sight of the importance of maintaining competitive prices so that we can offer our distributor clients the best value products around, an essential factor in achieving an excellent sales performance”.


“So as to follow the cultural evolution of our times, we have decided to bolster our approach to digital communication. This journey began with a complete restyling of our website, which – we are pleased to announce – now features a brand-new blog, which aims to be a source of information for sharing our brand and company philosophy,” concludes Alessandra Salvarani. “We also thought it was the right time to join another social media platform, LinkedIn, as it is much better suited to our vocation for B2B business and a surefire way of encouraging opportunities for dialogue with our clients, but also of creating new contacts with other industry players”.